Election Returns Drinking Game

Election returns drinking game rules

Okay, so these rules are in two parts. For the first part, you drink the stated amount for your party, double for the opposite party.

  • 1 for each race called (House, Senate, Dog Catcher, etc.)
  • 1 for each state called (2 if it's a ticket member's home state)
  • 1 for every 10 electoral votes called
  • 1 for each campaign advisor interview
  • 1 for each exit poll with your candidate ahead

The second set is as normal.

  • 3 for each segment on new visualization technology
  • 1 for each product placement
  • 1 for every segment on voter fraud/recounts
  • If an exit poll that shows non-economic issues are most important, drink what you got, all of it. Don't worry, if this happens a lot, you'd rather be dead anyway.
  • 1 drink for each mention of $700B bailout package
  • 1 for each main-street/wall-street reference
  • 1 for discussion of previous presidential campaigns, double for 2000 or 2004, triple for any race prior to 1960
  • 1 for each error on whatever network you're watching (blown lines, confusion, mis-tagged people, etc.)
  • 3 for every third party candidate who receives over 3% of the vote

Disclaimer: Don't be an idiot about this. I don't endorse strict adherence to these rules. Doing so using certain beverages could kill anyone playing. Be responsible.