The Second Presidential Debate

I'm never excited about presidential debates. They are so phony and staged that I have to restrain myself from hurling my TV out the window. This one was particularily nauseating, but for a different reason. John McCain kept telling one lie after another. The part that really makes me sick is that a large percentage of the voters aren't paying enough attention to notice the outright lies. I'm with Karl Rove on this one. McCain has gone too far!

Voting for third party candidates is against your interest.

Third party candidates have almost no chance of winning in our current election process. I wish they could, I like many third party candidates. But until we have the ability to vote for more than one candidate, it's foolish to cast your vote for someone outside of one of the two major parties. This is because every vote for the third party candidate takes a vote away from the closest major party. This effectively lowers the bar for the other major party. If you are unhappy with the major parties it is incumbent on you to get involved in the party you feel closest to and make your voice heard.

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